Occasion Cake 14


Stacked mud cake w/ a semi naked finish & caramel ganache drip


Select your size & flavour

Exact macarons/decorations may vary to suit flowers you wish to supply, if you select writing as an option the writing will be placed on the board of the cake


Flowers  are to be supplied by customers, we ask flowers to be wrapped in Parafilm and supplied either the day before collection or before 9am on the day of collection 


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  • Add an icing banner on the board w/ a message written in chocolate or a custom timber topper to stand up on top of the cake 

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2 x 7" Round, 3 x 7" Round, 3 x 9" Round


Apple & Cinnamon, Banana w/ Baked Caramel Fudge, Caramel, Chocolate, Chocolate, Carmel & White Chocolate Marble, Chocolate w/ Baked Berry Fudge, White Chocolate w/ Baked Caramel Fudge, White Chocolate & Coconut, White Chocolate w/ Lemon Curd, White Chocolate w/ Nutella, White Chocolate w/ Passionfruit Curd & Baked Berry Fudge